Hey Ho Let’s Go

Hey ho let’s go.Hey.Fire she said.Bana.Na.NA.PAKIT.HELENISTIT.Ner-Helenisti.Harposit.Mitzrit.ROBERT.CRUMB.WAS.HERE.Secret agent for the C.I.A./
Sunshine Rising ,Monsters of my mind.POF.P.
It took ages.Potsherds w… found on the sea shore.He was dig… Deep Under t…
Mud.Fl///r/// Nothing was t…r.. to be. I… afte… a while she t…d…him ”
Listen ,dig deep,so he did. Sudde…He foun…this artif…broken to lit…
PIECES.One of them had this in…ption on, to, of… it.Some crea…r,not known to
anyone befo…
Hey Ho Let’s Go!
כסא,פרח,עציץ,חתול.בלש.בננה.הוא יורק אש,אש הוא יורק אש.שמש.

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